A Unified Solution

Expand your clients’ capabilities with the SmartBen® Bridge Program

Why have a partnership
with a benefit point
solution technology and
service company?

Whether you are a local firm, regional or national practice, the market is changing fast and becoming more competitive. Year-over-year clients expect more, mainly because other firms are arriving with new and innovative solutions. Offering one solution to a client, or specializing in just a couple of areas, without providing other value, may make you vulnerable. The solution? Find a partner to help you expand your portfolio of client-solutions without taking on extensive overhead or great risk.

What makes
Hodges-Mace a
great partner?

Hodges-Mace is one of the largest full-service benefits communication, technology and service companies in the US. However, we cannot claim where we are today without our numerous strategic partners who have assisted us in offering services to hundreds of customers, large and small.

At Hodges-Mace, we’re always focused on innovation … transforming and developing our current services and adding new services to stay ahead of the curve in technological advancements. Our partners value our customized solutions and rely on us for an integrated full-service benefit experience. With unique capabilities and scalability, we’re able to create longer-term strategies to support where our partners and their clients are going. Hodges-Mace is constantly on an upward trajectory, solving for many of the complexities in health care around data and communication. Ultimately, we see opportunities in efficiency and effectiveness in our partnerships and benefits strategies that other firms typically overlook.

With our long history of providing high quality and high-service solutions for organizations nationwide, we’ve transformed our SmartBen Bridge program to be a great relationship with our partners. The deep experience that Hodges-Mace can bring, coupled with the strong connection and insight our partners have with their clients, allows us to work with employers in finding the right, customized program to fit clients’ partners’ needs.

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