Value-Added Firms

Leveraging a partnership to increase utilization

It’s essential to execute and administer value-added programs the right way so an employee understands and utilizes those offerings to their full potential. With our SmartBen® Bridge program, having access to our technologies and unique interfaces provides the tools necessary to leverage these initiatives. By streamlining the experience and removing the complexity, clients can reduce the cost curve by utilizing the capabilities value-added firms provide.


Benefit administration is the center-point of where an employer can access and consolidate their benefits data and experience. Given expanded uses of SmartBen Essentials® and additional mobile capabilities, closely linking SmartBen Essentials through our SmartBen Bridge program for value-added partners can make all the difference.

Client retention

As a value-added firm, there are many online tools you provide to employers and employees that often go unused. With SmartBen Bridge, it is possible to help both employers and employees access and utilize all the tools available to them, increasing your value and ultimately making them stay.

Growth strategy

Many Hodges-Mace clients that utilize SmartBen Essentials inquire as to which firms we partner and integrate with. Creating a lasting partnership utilizing the SmartBen Bridge program can help grow a value-added firm’s book of business.

SmartBen Bridge Partnerships May Include:

  • Reduced fees for our mutual clients based on volume or other factors and/or book of business bonuses
  • Access to our broker/consulting private-labeled relationships
  • Broker/consulting advisory board access
  • Strategic development of a growth plan for your business
  • Additional personnel support from Hodges-Mace, including national preferred sales team support
  • Customized API links with the rest of our partners

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