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SmartBen Sentry®

Comprehensive Eligibility Verification Software

Eligibility management made simpler

Leading employers have responded to rising costs by being more intentional about verifying dependent eligibility through full and ongoing dependent verification audits. Sentry uses state-of-the art technology with streamlined business processes that have been honed through years of practice. Hodges-Mace® has experienced eligibility specialists trained in the “art” of helping employees verify their eligibility to provide employers with a turnkey, fully outsourced solution.

Reduce excess costs

Removing ineligible dependent can save companies between 3%-5% of their annual healthcare costs.

Ensure fairness

Verifying categories such as spousal exclusions and wellness discounts increases compliance by 44%.

Improve compliance

Consistency of plan administration is a major area of focus for an expanding number of Department of Labor audits.

Why do you need eligibility verification?

While healthcare costs increases have subsided somewhat in the past several years, employers continue to be challenged by year-over-year increases that place a strain on their compensation budgets. Furthermore, the ACA has forced employers to expand access to their health eligibility both for dependent children and employees working as few as 30 hours.

Sentry combines a unique set of innovative technology capabilities to allow for more service and better outcomes for less money, less operation disruption, and less financial risk.

  • Delivers proven technology and process.
  • Offers high response rate with lowered administrative costs and decreased Human Resource burden.
  • Guaranteed 3:1 return on investment.
  • Reduces claims and legal liability.
  • Provides an employee-friendly experience.
  • Offers alternatives for ineligible dependents.

How much could a dependent eligibility audit save your organization?

A Closer Look at SmartBen Sentry

As part of our discovery and implementation process, Sentry explores opportunities to improve cost-efficient practices with maximum results by focusing on three critical areas.

Focus on educating and assisting employees

Sentry’s verification approach relies on providing ample communication to educate employees on the process. Helping employees through the steps allows them to feel better informed and more likely to participate willingly.

Scalable, flexible, and secure technology

This custom-designed and secure technology is easy for employees to utilize regardless of access to technology. Sentry was built from the ground up to be a dependent verification system and includes comprehensive communication materials and support that are engineered to “educate and facilitate.”

“Soft landing” for ineligible members

After ineligible members are identified and removed from coverage, Sentry offers a “soft landing” service that supplies these individuals with a confidential and voluntary service to help find affordable, alternative health insurance.

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