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SmartBen Pathfinder®

Advanced Decision Support

Simplified benefits, satisfied employees

It’s no secret that employee benefit plans are becoming increasingly complex. And a complicated benefits experience means unhappy employees and under appreciated employers. Thankfully, enrollment doesn’t have to be like this.

Simplify the experience

The benefits landscape is continuously changing, and not likely to stop. As program complexity grows, who is helping your employees understand their options? How well is this process working? Pathfinder demystifies the process, making it easier on you and your entire organization.

Improve employee satisfaction

It’s a simple premise: The more choices your employees have, the happier they’ll be with their benefits enrollment decisions. The right decision-support tool should deliver a kind of consumer experience that not only makes enrollment easier, but enhances employees’ perceptions of the relevance and value of their benefits package.

Free up resources

It’s not uncommon for the bulk of employee benefits enrollment work to fall on HR. Pathfinder solves this problem by reducing the HR workload. When you streamline and generally improve the enrollment experience, it means less strain on those departments (and more time to focus on other important initiatives).

How does it work?

Pathfinder reduces complexity and offers a directional enrollment workflow to help employees make more informed decisions. Providing additional information will customize the recommendation and create a package geared to the employee and their family’s specific needs.

Demographic input

We use the employee demographic information provided by the employer to come up with a base utilization profile for the employee.

Employee survey

We ask your employees a series of questions about their lifestyle and health conditions for them and their family, allowing for a more accurate calculation of their health care utilization.

Pathfinder analysis

Pathfinder considers the cost of benefits in evaluating the best options for the employee (including any employer contributions). The analysis can also include credits or surcharges for which the employee is eligible based on the survey questions.

Product recommendations

Employees are presented with their “best value bundle” of benefits.

Employee review

Employees can accept their recommended bundle as is, or make any necessary edits.

Enrollment completion

Employees are asked any necessary follow-up questions, as well as legal requirements and disclosures. They provide their electronic signature which completes the enrollment process. Enrollment and financial records are written and sent back to the carrier and payroll vendors.

Start making smarter benefits decisions.