SmartBen NOW

Personalized Mobile App and Benefits Dashboard

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Connecting employees to their benefits

SmartBen NOW gives employees one place to access all of their employer-provided benefit information in a way that is convenient and intuitive.

Reduced complexity

Employees have easy access to up-to-date information about their benefits through a mobile app and centralized benefits dashboard.

Engaged employees

SmartBen NOW keeps employees plugged into the things that matter while increasing their overall appreciation of both their employer and their benefits.

A Closer Look at SmartBen NOW

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Centralized location for benefits information

Employees need one place to find balances and status updates for current elections, deductibles, out-of-pocket maximums, 401(k), PTO, and more.

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Sensitive personal information stored securely

With the ever-increasing importance of data protection, employees can take comfort knowing their data is stored securely in our cloud-based platform.

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One login for all benefit portals

SSO integrations create one-touch launch to telemedicine, wellness, and many other widely-used benefit providers.

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Quick access to ID cards

Reduce day-to-day HR inquires with quick access to ID cards and plan information.

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Reminders and alerts in the palm of their hands

Easily send important messages and reminders to employees without getting lost in the daily email clutter.

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Available on computers and mobile devices

Access to benefit information when your employees need it, both at their desk and on-the-go.

Commit to a smarter benefits experience.