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SmartBen Gatekeeper®

Reliable ACA Tracking and Reporting Software

Maximum compliance, minimum disruption

SmartBen Gatekeeper is an ACA compliance tool that provides employers with thorough record keeping and reporting at an affordable cost. Gatekeeper tracks, determines, and documents the ACA status for all employees using client data from payroll and time-and-attendance platforms.

Reduce excess costs

No employer wants to pay unnecessary taxes. By using a management tool, employers will be able to avoid penalties associated with the ACA Employer Mandate.

Comply with ease

The ACA requires large employers to measure and track all employees without exception. SmartBen Gatekeeper can help with this and comply with the reporting rules required by the IRS.

Free up resources

Using an eligibility management tool will help relieve Human Resources (HR) of the manual tasks of tracking and reporting responsibilities created by the ACA.

A Closer Look at SmartBen Gatekeeper

Health care reform experts

  • Over 3,300 employer scenarios analyzing benefit programs in context with the ACA
  • Real-time system updates for changing regulations

Turn-key technology and process

  • Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Integrated employee communication
  • Automated compliance reporting

“Bolt-on” platform

  • Accepts required data from existing payroll/time and attendance/HRIS system(s)
  • Provides eligibility data to existing benefit administration platform(s)

Electronic annual reporting

  • Electronically report on behalf of the employer directly to the IRS
  • File the necessary 1094-C and 1095-C forms with the fully populated codes

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