SmartBen Essentials

Personalized Benefits Communication and Enrollment Support

Simple, innovative and secure enrollment

SmartBen Essentials is a web-based system that modernizes benefit administration and employee self-service by delivering a “smart” information platform that empowers HR and employees to be true consumers of benefits.

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Easy to use

Designed to aid employees and administrators alike in the enrollment process, Essentials Provides clear and relatable examples that work for all learning styles. It also makes HR professionals’ jobs easier by keeping everything they need in one place.

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With health care’s growing complexity, it’s easy for the bulk of the workload to fall on HR. Essentials uses comprehensive administrator tools to reduce the burden of manual processes on HR and benefits teams so you can free up those resources to focus on other initiatives.

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Every organization is unique. From the look of your homepage, to the documents you need employees to be able to access on your platform, to the reports you need to keep you team moving, Essentials gives you the tools you need to be successful.

A Closer Look at SmartBen Essentials

Communication Portals

SmartBen Essentials features a comprehensive HR communications portal where employees can find:

  • Enrollment events and reminders
  • Plans, policies and current elections
  • Bulletins, newsletters, job postings and other announcements
  • HR manuals, employee handbooks, SPDs, claims forms and other important documents
  • Department directories, HR contacts, carrier contacts and other helpful resources
  • Employee surveys
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Essential Module

Essentials makes choosing benefits simple for employees during active or passive enrollments, Its enrollment module supports all annual and ongoing enrollment events, including open enrollment, new hire enrollment, and qualified life events. Features include:

  • Self-service enrollment
  • Overview of current elections
  • Summary of plan features and costs
  • Red light/green light enrollment prompts
  • Animated storyboards and tutorials
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Administration Tools

SmartBen Essentials doesn’t stop at providing a great employee experience, but a great experience for HR as well with our comprehensive administrator tools.

  • HR SmartCharts for one-click access to frequently used reports (pending items, enrollment status, etc.)
  • Report Management for easy-to-build, custom, recurring reports (census, plan enrollment, monthly self-billing, etc.)
  • Employee Benefit Log to track enrollment history (by employee, dependant, plan, year etc.)
  • Employee Notes page to share information easily among multiple HR or Benefits team members

Data Features

SmartBen Essential’s flexible payroll/carrier integration relieves HR and benefits departments of the burden of manual processes.

  • Electronic upload of employee data into SmartBen – no manual key entry!
  • Custom data exports to carriers and payroll
  • Comprehensive data collection and tracking for employee, spouse, dependents, and beneficiaries.
  • Email notifications to keep track of pending events

Start making smarter benefit decisions