SmartBen® Avatar

Using Artificial Intelligence to Help Employees Navigate Their Benefits

Employee Engagement Platform

Within the SmartBen portal, employers can utilize the SmartBen Avatar artificial intelligence – “Ben” – to interact with their employees and their specific data. By creating a more personalized benefit communication and enrollment experience, Ben has the power to teach, guide, and assist employees when navigating through the platform.

Guidance through the platform

Answering frequently asked questions

Delivering important enrollment info

Speaking over 30 languages

Ben can do it all!

Your Employees Have Questions –

Ben Has The Right Answers

This artificial intelligence platform leverages employees’ actual data to create a unique enrollment experience, while answering employee questions with company-approved messaging. By creating communication directly from the employer to the employee, Ben puts employees at ease during enrollment. Using specific messaging from the employer, each client determines what Ben provides and where he will be of assistance within the site.

Think your employees may need navigational assistance? Want to highlight important messaging like a new plan offering? Find that your employees have questions during enrollment?

Let Ben handle that for you and enhance your employees’ user experience.

Meet Team Ben

Provide employees with different avatar
options with Ben’s friends!

Ben has been the face of SmartBen for over 10 years. While we still rely on Ben during enrollment to provide employees with the information, direction, and assistance they may need, we’ve also created Team Ben – our team of avatars who can meet the needs of a global and diverse workforce. This allows for employers and employees to decide which avatars best represent their workforce, thus giving employees a more personal experience.






All of the SmartBen Avatars can speak in more than 30 languages and deliver the consistent messaging employers want employees to know when navigating their benefit plans and enrollments.

A Closer Look at SmartBen Avatar

Build Engagement With Real Data

Ben answers employee questions using their own specific data to provide cutting-edge interactivity.


Q: What benefits am I currently enrolled in?

Ben’s answer: “This window will show you your current elections.” 

Drive Company Messaging

Employers determine when, where, and how Ben is there to answer questions and deliver priority communications.


Employers can have Ben show up on the medical enrollment page, mentioning their new HDHP plan that offers an HSA account along with employee matching.

Support Your Global Team

With availability in 30 different languages, Ben is ready to support your diverse workforce.


Ben, or any of the avatars, can be set to speak over 30 different languages. Employees can also change their language preference within the platform.