SmartBen Assist®

Delivering Year-Round Benefits Support

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SmartBen Assist is an employee benefits resource center that provides comprehensive support for benefits questions and enrollment activities throughout the year. As a valuable add-on to SmartBen Essentials®, this resource center serves as your company’s benefits concierge, helping your HR team free up resources while ensuring all eligible employees receive the attention and assistance they need to fully utilize and appreciate their benefits.

Transform Your Approach to Benefits Support With SmartBen Assist

Increase Benefits Accessibility and Convenience

With SmartBen Assist, employees can easily access our full-time service representatives via phone or email. This means their inquiries are addressed quickly and accurately from one source of truth, whether they need technical assistance, transactional enrollment support, or just want to connect with their carrier.

Relieve Pressure on HR

When your HR team is preoccupied with answering common benefits questions or helping employees navigate enrollment, they have less time to address other important priorities. SmartBen Assist provides the consistent, best-in-class support your team needs to effectively balance company initiatives and goals.

Boost Technical Prowess and Enable Self-Service

Today’s fast-paced business climate demands a technically savvy and agile workforce. Worried your company is behind the times? SmartBen Assist’s expert guidance encourages employees to build confidence and technical know-how, so they are empowered to navigate the latest benefits technologies and quickly address their own questions.

One Dynamic Service.
Three Areas of Effective Benefits Support.

SmartBen Assist is designed to provide employees with convenient benefits assistance in three important channels:

Assistance for General Benefits Questions

When employees need to confirm details of their benefits or ask other general benefits questions, SmartBen Assist is just a phone call or email away. This means your HR team can save precious time and resources while employees enjoy a smoother, less stressful benefits experience.

Technical Support and Transactional Enrollments

Your HR Team doesn’t need to be bogged down providing account information and resetting passwords–let SmartBen Assist handle your benefits tech support! Our experts can also act as a conduit for less tech-savvy employees and help them complete enrollments over the phone. This helps avoid transactional delays and promotes self-service in the future.

Navigational Support

We help employees save time and frustration by quickly answering questions about navigating the SmartBen® platform. SmartBen Assist also helps employees cut through red tape by facilitating warm transfers to carriers. We connect the two parties and provide guided assistance until the matter is resolved, so no employee ever feels stranded.