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Dependent Verification – What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Dependent eligibility reviews are certainly an effective means of reducing healthcare costs, but they also protect employers and employees from future hazards by ensuring that everyone is aware of the plan rules.

Regardless of whether an employee’s intent is to defraud their employer, or whether the employee simply does not understand the plan rules, the time to correct an eligibility error is before a major health issue arises. Employers who continue to provide coverage to ineligible dependents are exposing all parties to unnecessary legal and financial risks when it comes time to pay the claim.

Mark Helton, Dependent Verification Consultant, will briefly cover:

  • Which organizations should consider a dependent verification project
  • How ineligible dependents end up on employer plans and the potential impact to employers, employees and their dependents
  • What you should consider before beginning a dependent verification audit
  • Dependent audit case study success stories

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