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[Podcast] Solving the People Equation

Strategic CFOs can hold many different roles within an organization, in addition to being highly focused on budgeting and forecasting. Viewed as a partner to the CEO, the CFO should understand all aspects of the industry in order to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and create long-term profitability for the company.

Our CFO Ron Shah was recently featured on the CFO Thought Leader podcast with Jack Sweeney to discuss how business growth has transitioned to focus more on the organization’s ability and efforts to attract and retain human capital.

Other places to listen: CFO Thought Leader, iTunes, YouTube, Vimeo

How Can You Improve Your Organization’s Bottom Line?

Interested in elevating your organization’s ability to attract, retain, and develop top talent? It might be time to reevaluate your benefits strategy. Download our guide to learn how a benefits administration partner can help you keep costs aligned with company objectives: A CFO’s Guide to Assessing a Benefits Administration Investment.


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