Payroll and HRIS Firms

Capturing real payroll information

Partnering with payroll firms is a part of our history. In fact, there are very few, if any, payroll firms that Hodges-Mace hasn’t interfaced with over the years. The SmartBen® Bridge Program allows our standard payroll integration to be taken to the next level, creating an effortless experience for the employee during enrollment to see their true payroll information and capture elections.

In addition, Hodges-Mace is working with several, well-known payroll/HRIS firms in building API links to create efficient connections between our organizations. APIs will allow employers to utilize their payroll/HRIS firm without losing the benefits of an “all-in-one” system. The ability to now have SmartBen Essentials®, via our SmartBen Bridge’s API links with payroll firms, allows employers to leverage best-in-class benefit point solutions to administer complex benefits and communicate to a high degree with their employees.


Benefit administration is the center-point of where an employer can access and consolidate their benefits data and experience. Given expanded uses of SmartBen Essentials and additional mobile capabilities, closely linking SmartBen Essentials through the SmartBen Bridge program for payroll firms can make all the difference.

Client retention

Finding a best-in-class benefits firm that can handle complex benefits, then integrate with all the excellent ‘DNA’ of a payroll/HRIS firm, can create an exceptional employer and employee experience. With our SmartBen Bridge program, it is possible to help both employers and employees access and utilize all the tools available to them, increasing your value and ultimately persistency.

Growth strategy

Many Hodges-Mace clients that utilize SmartBen Essentials inquire as to which firms we partner and integrate with. Creating a lasting partnership, our SmartBen Bridge program can help grow a payroll/HRIS’s book of business.

SmartBen Bridge Partnerships include:

  • Capturing of individual payroll information and ability to display payroll information throughout the SmartBen Essentials platform, creating a benefit option modeling tool for the employee.

Start making smarter benefit decisions