New Hire Services

Ensure your new hires feel like part of the team from day one, with effective employee benefits onboarding.

An Impactful First Impression with New Hire Orientation

During a new employee’s introductory period, it is critical to ensure they feel comfortable and valued in their new role. After all, nearly 20 percent of employee turnover occurs within the first 45 days.

Benefits play a key role in establishing an organization’s commitment to its employees, so it’s important to nail that first impression with a comprehensive onboarding process. Our in-house benefits counseling experts serve as a fluid extension of your HR team, guiding new employees through enrollment procedures and questions. Employees benefit from a clear and transparent explanation, while employers can provide much-needed support to their HR team while delivering approved messaging.

How Can New Hire Services Improve Your Onboarding Process?

Improve Benefits Education and Engagement

When employees do not fully understand how their new benefits work, it is difficult for them to appropriately value benefits. Our expert counselors guide employees through a standardized process, making it simple and clear so they better understand the role that benefits play in their total compensation.

Control Messaging to Save Costs

Employees who are provided with comprehensive guidance and education on benefits are more likely to enroll in plans that make financial sense for both them and their employer. Armed with a client-approved benefits summary – aptly named Benefits-At-a-Glance – our counselors provide consistent answers to new hires’ key benefits questions and ensure each new employee receives the same level of service.

Relieve Stress on HR

With Hodges-Mace® serving as your very own benefits guru, your HR team is free to focus on their work instead of fielding an endless flood of benefits questions during new hire enrollments. We make that possible by taking the time to learn the intricacies of your specific benefits and thoroughly preparing full-time counselors.

A Clear and Client-Approved Process for New Employee Orientation

Our approach to benefits onboarding ensures new hires receive an abundance of support throughout the enrollment process. Meanwhile, employers can operate confidently when they know enrollment messaging is aligned with broader strategies, and they also receive thorough reports on the success rates of counseling sessions. Here are a few of the tools and strategies we deploy to help every employee get onboard with their benefits:

Employee Benefit Resource Center (EBRC)

The EBRC makes up the core of our new hire services program. Online or over the phone, new employees can easily schedule a session with this resource center, which is staffed with full-time benefits counselors who use a client-approved SOP to guide employees through the enrollment process. If new hires still have questions after enrollment, our team can help connect them to the appropriate resources.

Dedicated Service Team

With Hodges-Mace, you’re not just receiving a resource center that reads off templated answers to benefits questions. Our service team includes account managers, customer service managers, implementation directors, data analysts, and communications specialists with one shared goal: Giving your new employees a personalized, welcoming, and effective introduction to their benefits.

Comprehensive Messaging and Reporting

Your communications strategy is constantly evolving, so we create client-specific SharePoint sites and checklists to provide a central source for real-time information to maintain consistent messaging for all new hires. Additionally, employers can expect to regularly receive valuable reports and stats regarding eligibility and activity, percent of enrollments complete, and feedback survey results.


We are now providing our associates with world-class decision-support services, and we’re doing it efficiently and economically. It occurs to me that we just consolidated 100+ disparate orientation processes into one centralized effort, and we did it without disrupting our workflow. And, while I must admit that I would have settled for “no news is good news,” I am happy to report that we have received extremely positive feedback from both associates and managers regarding your services! We could not be more pleased.


– Vice President of Compensation and Benefits