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Making an Impact Through Customer Service


Touching base.

To most people, this phrase conjures up images of baseball, phone calls, checking-in, or general communication. In the Employee Benefit Resource Center (EBRC) at Hodges-Mace, however, this phrase means something different. To us, it means making an impact.  

Each time we touch base with an employee at one of our clients, we have the chance to show our clients that we take pride in the way we do things. The Hodges-Mace difference is that we genuinely care about our clients, their employees, and their employees’ families. We see our role as an extension of the client’s overall company culture, and we serve out of this mindset to help create a positive impact in lives of those we help.

We care about every impression, not just the first impression

Regardless of a caller’s benefit knowledge, we strive to educate and look out for the individual on the phone. The specialization of what we do and the vast array of knowledge of our staff helps to leave that impression on each person. We always keep in mind that most communication is nonverbal, and we strive to overcome that challenge by making an impression through our voices and through the words we choose.     

To us, making an impact means that no matter how small the task or how difficult of question, we deliver on the promises we make. The team in the Hodges-Mace Employee Benefit Resource Center sets the bar high when it comes to how passionately we care about customer service, and we hope to make an impact when touching base with our clients and their employees at every point.

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