Benefit Counselor

Hodges-Mace is committed to building and sustaining a company culture and work environment that challenges and rewards all employees of our workforce to perform at their very best. Through our policies and corporate structure, we strive to emphasize a friendly environment, dynamic relationships, open-door management, employee advancement and exemplary leadership. At Hodges-Mace, the Benefit Counselor acts as an educator and counselor, providing expert advice to our clients’ employees. It is the counselor’s job to provide accurate information about core and voluntary benefits to the employee. Through the process of information sharing, the employee will make the best decision for them and their family. They will come away with a better understanding of their company’s benefits and how important it is to make the right benefit decisions.

There are several key characteristics we look for when hiring Benefit Counselors to be a part of the Hodges-Mace team:

Earn points as a Hodges-Mace counselor to receive a year-end cash bonus.
Free, monthly online training for Hodges-Mace Counselors.
Hodges-Mace delivers the best enrollment experience for employees and counselors.

— Brian, Enrollment Coordinator

Hodges-Mace has the best and most comprehensive counselor training program by far.

— Estella, Counselor

Next Steps

If you are a counselor that enjoys helping and informing people, please contact us and fill out a CTRAX application to get started. If you have any questions about joining Hodges-Mace as a Benefit Counselor, please contact our Counselor Development Team.

Interested in becoming a Hodges-Mace Benefit Counselor?