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Hodges-Mace Rolls Out Core Values

We recently rolled out our core values. As our Co-CEO Peter Mace wrote to our company, “We have taken the opportunity to capture many of the behaviors our team exhibits today when dealing with our customers, partners, and co-workers and memorialize them as core values.”

HM Values


When I look around the organization, I am excited to already see the values serving as a foundation in the work we do and in how we interact with each other and the people we serve. It was certainly an amazing experience this week when our executives rolled the values out into our offices with signs throughout the office and desk drops, including values cards for our workspace, a letter from our Co-CEO, notebooks, and fortune cookies thanking us for all we do.



I am excited to be part of a company that values its people, communities, and clients, and seeing the values throughout the office reaffirms the decision I made to

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