Custom Benefits Communication

Our multifaceted approach delivers effective, personalized messaging that leaves a positive impact on both employees and organizations.

Leverage Targeted Benefits Communication to Improve Outcomes

Not sure if your employees understand, appreciate, or fully utilize their benefits? Hoping to increase optimal behavior during open enrollment with improved enrollment communication? By leveraging a personalized benefits communication strategy, Hodges-Mace® can help you break down complex information into easily absorbed messaging that resonates with all the personas in your organization.

Our in-house communications team has the expertise to guide you from ideation to fulfillment, and we offer a variety of digital and print communications – all without a templated or prefabricated approach!

What Can a Personalized Benefits Communication Plan Do For You?

Guide Employee Decision-Making

Remove the mystery around benefits with segmented, digestible communications that encourage employees to truly understand and “own” their benefits, so they can get the most out of them.

Boost Engagement

Custom communication means benefits remain visible and tangible for employees throughout the year, which can help lower turnover while driving increased appreciation for employers.

Drive Cost Savings

When employees feel engaged and empowered to make informed decisions, they are more likely to choose plans that make the most financial sense for them – and your company.

We Provide Flexible, Branded Solutions for the Modern Workforce

Hodges-Mace understands the value of a well-rounded benefits communication strategy that fits seamlessly into your brand. We also recognize the challenge of effectively reaching a tech-savvy, increasingly digital workforce. That’s why our experts work closely with you to ensure the look and feel of your brand is captured across a variety of digital and printed communications. We can tailor your message to fit several strategies, including:


Technology is an integral part of your employees’ lives, and it’s important that your com- munication strategy evolves to match their needs. Instead of limiting you to one form of messaging, Hodges-Mace can also craft solutions that leverage email, video, or microsites to deliver effective benefits communication.


Print assets play an important role in building a diverse communication strategy that is effective for all employees. Our experts are well-equipped to handle all aspects of the process, such as copy, design, and fulfillment, and common deliverables include benefits guides, posters, memos, and a wide range of other assets.


When you need to make sure your global employees are getting the most out of their benefits, Hodges-Mace is ready to create custom solutions that transcend borders. We offer our benefits communication services in a wide variety of languages, including Spanish, French and Vietnamese.


“It was an extremely positive ex- perience working with the Commu- nications team! I can’t wait to get started on next year’s campaign!”


– Retail Client

“I wanted to thank you and your communication team for all of their efforts on this enrollment – everything
looks great.”


– Broker

“I sincerely mean this when I say that working with you has been an absolute delight. I know all too well that people are quick to tell you when an employee does something wrong; yet, they don’t react the same when someone performs really well – as you have done.”


– Financial Services Client


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