Ensuring a clean, easier enrollment

Hodges-Mace partners with a myriad of carriers ranging in diversity from medical to group and voluntary benefits.


Benefit administration is the center-point of where an employer can access and consolidate benefit’s data and experience. Given expanded uses of SmartBen Essentials® and additional mobile capabilities, closely linking SmartBen Essentials through the SmartBen® Bridge Program for a medical carrier can make all the difference.

Customer experience

Employees and employers do not want to hunt for information or visit a multitude of sites. Linking information into one location results in not only an enhanced consumer experience, but a much less frustrating one. SmartBen Bridge creates an easier benefit experience – allowing the employer and employee to appreciate their partnerships.


Medical carriers provide many online tools that often go unused. With SmartBen Bridge, it is possible to help both employers and employees access and utilize all the tools that a medical carrier provides, increasing the value and persistency of the payer.

Carrier Partners and the SmartBen Bridge Program

Group and Voluntary

With a long history of working with many different group and voluntary benefit carriers, it’s very apparent to Hodges-Mace the importance of a carrier partnership having a clean Evidence of Insurability (EOI) process. Working with our carrier partners via the SmartBen Bridge program, Hodges-Mace has made the process as smooth as possible. Simplifying it not only ensures an easier enrollment for employees, but also reduces risk for the employee, employer and carrier.

The SmartBen Bridge Partnership

With partners, we can provide EOI links at the end of enrollment when election amounts exceed the guarantee issue. The link connects the employee directly to the carrier, prompting them to complete their electronic EOI. The information is then passed to the carrier, simplifying the steps an employee must take during enrollment. Underwriting is processed as normal, providing results back to the employer, who can then update coverage in SmartBen Essentials.


Carriers who are a part of our SmartBen Bridge program benefit from consolidated and efficient file transmission with Hodges-Mace. With the majority of an employer’s medical costs being what they spend to provide coverage, it’s critical that they – along with the carrier and enrollment platform – get it right. Through our partnership, medical carriers come to see that it’s more efficient and less daunting to utilize a relationship with a robust benefit delivery platform.

The SmartBen Bridge Partnership

We have the ability to show real-time status of out-of-pocket maximums and deductibles for employees and their family members.

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