Brokers and Consultants

Working together for a better experience.

The SmartBen® Bridge Program is designed to connect Hodges-Mace and broker/consulting firms with a customized partnership effecting enhanced client value, mutually-beneficial efficiencies and ultimately greater retention of client blocks.

Partnership can mean different things to different people. Through the SmartBen Bridge program, we leverage our partnerships to establish numerous efficiencies when working directly with strong broker and consultant relationships. Whether it’s a less than 500 life employer program, a bigger block of business or a mix in between, Hodges-Mace can create a solution that works for both parties.

Over the years, many clients have come to us because of broker relationships. The preservation of these relationships is vital to our SmartBen Bridge program’s success. Developing deep partnership relations is something we pride ourselves on and continually work towards.

Client Retention

SmartBen Bridge literally acts like a bridge to help both employers and employees access and utilize what they have – increasing the value and persistency of the broker/consultant. In addition, linking the core technology to a broker’s/consultant’s services can increase a client’s ‘stickiness’ for a firm.

Growth strategy

Many Hodges-Mace partners utilize SmartBen Essentials® as a part of the strategy to expand their company’s book of business. That’s because these firms, with our help, have figured out how to tie tech and broker of record revenue together.


Let Hodges-Mace be your technology expert. Whether on a private-label basis, or as a trusted advisor, we can help you and your clients make better decisions…all made possible by and enhanced with the SmartBen Bridge Program.


Many brokers / consultants have successfully learned how to ‘resell’ or build versions of Hodges-Mace’s technology. Creating enhanced experiences for clients allows firms to build in margin into either their PEPM’s or other methods.

SmartBen Bridge Partnerships include:

  • Reduced fees based on volume or other factors and/or book of business bonuses
  • Training to build the technology in-house, at your firms, after extensive coaching and training with our experts, while we continue to handle the data feeds, offering great value especially in the 100-500 space
  • Broker/consulting advisory board access
  • Access to our negotiated and streamlined value-added partnerships, if desired
  • Strategic development of a growth plan for your business
  • Additional personnel support from Hodges-Mace
  • Customized API links with the rest of our partners (payroll, value-added firms, carriers, etc.)

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