The Importance of Understanding Your Health Insurance

Three out of four people surveyed were moderately confident in their abilities to utilize their health insurance plan. However, only 20% could accurately calculate an out-of-pocket cost from a doctor’s visit.

Hodges-Mace Rolls Out Core Values

“We have taken the opportunity to capture many of the behaviors our team exhibits today when dealing with our customers, partners, and co-workers and memorialize them as core values.”

The Advantages of One-to-One Benefits Education

Is there an important place for human interaction in the era of employee self-service and advanced decision support tools? We explore the answers in this article.

Ron Shah to Speak at Subscribed 2016 Conference

“I am excited to have the opportunity to speak at Subscribed 2016, presented by Zuora, on April 12-13, 2016. Subscribed brings together visionaries, disruptors and industry leaders who are changing the world by turning customers into subscribers.” – Ron Shah, CFO/COO at Hodges-Mace

How Hodges-Mace Helped Me Give Back to My Community

Liz Sophia discusses how she utilized Hodges-Mace policy of providing each employee with two paid days off each year for volunteer work by helping Chastain Horse Park.

Breaking down plan choices in the post-ACA world

Most people don’t understand that health insurance is really three things rolled into one. The first thing you get when you purchase health insurance is access to discounted healthcare, the second thing you get when you purchase health insurance is protection from catastrophic losses due to medical expenses, and the third component of health insurance is where all the decisions are made.

Adopting Financial Responsibility [WRMR Interview]

Recently, our CFO & COO, Ron Shah, and our SVP of Marketing, Liz Sophia, joined Debbie Qaqish to talk about the importance of financial accountability. We have the top quotes and full interview for you here.

The Dos and Don’ts of Enrollment

When it comes to enrolling new hires in benefits, the same positive messaging should apply. Employers should consider treating the onboarding process more like an orientation experience and less like a sign-up or registration process. We discuss key tactics for employers to reach out to their staff for benefits assistance.

Making an Impact Through Customer Service

Each time we touch base with an employee at one of our clients, we have the chance to show our clients that we take pride in the way we do things. The Hodges-Mace difference is that we genuinely care about our clients, their employees, and their employees’ families.

Eric Helman and Dana Barrett Talk Straight About Health Insurance

Last week, Hodges-Mace’s Chief Strategy Officer, Eric Helman, joined the Dana Barrett Show to talk about the current state of health insurance in the U.S. Check out hour two of the show to hear Eric weigh in on the current state of the Affordable Care Act. Also on last week’s show you can hear Kate [...]