A CFO’s Guide to Assessing a Benefits Administration Investment

It should come as no surprise that most organizations spend huge amounts of money on employee benefits. Equally unsurprising is the confusion that surrounds the process of employee benefits management. To bypass the complications, many companies are starting to invest in benefits administration partners — who simplify the process, and allow organizations to focus their resources elsewhere. [...]

[Podcast] Solving the People Equation

Strategic CFOs can hold many different roles within an organization, in addition to being highly focused on budgeting and forecasting. Viewed as a partner to the CEO, the CFO should understand all aspects of the industry in order to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and create long-term profitability for the company. Our CFO Ron Shah was [...]

A Summer of Service with Hodges-Mace

Earlier this year, Hodges-Mace rolled out four company values, one being Our people and our communities matter.  Hodges-Mace cares not only about our work, but our communities and each other. Each employee can currently take two paid days off each year to perform community service. While these wonderful opportunities exist throughout the year, I was [...]

Top 5 Challenges HR Departments Face with Employee Benefits

Are you struggling to find the resources and time to keep up with changes in the Affordable Care Act and perform your daily responsibilities? Having trouble getting your employees on board and educated about the benefits packages you offer? Human Resource departments have progressively evolved over the years to expand their roles and include responsibilities [...]

Demystifying the Private Exchange

Health Insurance Exchanges. Private Exchanges. Public Exchanges. These are phrases that get thrown around a lot since the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Exchanges are a radical change from the pre-Obamacare status quo, and for that reason the concept of the exchange is leaving many scratching their heads. What does it all mean? [...]

Combating Trickle-Down Frustration

“When your technology doesn’t work for you it inevitably is working against you, negatively affecting your productivity and even inhibiting your collaborative efforts. What you really need, though, is someone with the knowledge and skill to fix your problem so you can get back to being productive. And what you really, really need is someone who can do this without making you feel like an idiot for not figuring it out yourself.”

The Importance of Understanding Your Health Insurance

Three out of four people surveyed were moderately confident in their abilities to utilize their health insurance plan. However, only 20% could accurately calculate an out-of-pocket cost from a doctor’s visit.

Hodges-Mace Rolls Out Core Values

“We have taken the opportunity to capture many of the behaviors our team exhibits today when dealing with our customers, partners, and co-workers and memorialize them as core values.”

The Advantages of One-to-One Benefits Education

Is there an important place for human interaction in the era of employee self-service and advanced decision support tools? We explore the answers in this article.

Ron Shah to Speak at Subscribed 2016 Conference

“I am excited to have the opportunity to speak at Subscribed 2016, presented by Zuora, on April 12-13, 2016. Subscribed brings together visionaries, disruptors and industry leaders who are changing the world by turning customers into subscribers.” – Ron Shah, CFO/COO at Hodges-Mace