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Announcing New Storyboards in SmartBen!

  https://www.hodgesmace.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/master_1.mp4 An exciting announcement for all of our SmartBen clients - newly enhanced storyboards! Our Plans and Policies section within SmartBen Essentials has always been a game changer for clients. In addition to including all valuable benefits information, our storyboards have been a great way to deliver educational content to employees. By giving brief [...]

When Should I Outsource Benefits Administration?

Should my company outsource benefits administration? It’s a legitimate question to ask when considering ways to streamline your business operations. Human Resources departments are often considered overhead, so outsourcing one or more responsibilities in this area can open up that highly valuable department and improve ROI. HR SUPPORT GUIDE  What is Benefits Outsourcing? Before considering [...]

Are You Ready to Execute the ACA?

Co-authored by Jenny Riley The U.S. Senate tried their best to kill it. At first, it was repeal and replace the ACA (or “Obamacare” if you prefer). Next came repeal, followed closely by “skinny repeal” (whatever that means). Despite their efforts, the Senate failed to execute the ACA.   download  brochure   With the ACA still [...]

[Podcast] 306: Expanding Your Operational View

As a follow up from last year's podcast, our CFO Ron Shah returned as a featured guest on the CFO Thought Leader podcast with Jack Sweeney to reflect back on the last year as it relates to efforts made in advancing finance deeper into the operational side of Hodges-Mace. Ron discusses taking a more operational approach into [...]

A Narrow Vote Passed, But the Effect Still Unknown

By Jenny Riley and Bill Winter, Hodges-Mace The American Health Care Act (AHCA) just passed in the House of Representatives with a narrow vote of 217 to 213. The AHCA was introduced for a vote in the House on March 24th but was ultimately pulled from consideration before a vote took place. After much debate, [...]

The ACA Remains Intact: What Now?

As most of America likely knows by now, the ACA continues to be the healthcare law-of-the-land. The American Health Care Act (phase one of the Republicans’ repeal and replace objective) was initially scheduled for voting on March 23, 2017 – which also happens to be the 7-year anniversary of the passage of the ACA. The [...]

5 Things You Should Know About Life After ACA

Repeal, Repair, Replace – or Relax? There are a lot of questions swirling about the future of PPACA and its impacts on employers and individuals. Will it be repealed? Will it be entirely replaced? Will it just be repaired? When can I just relax? There are five things for employers to keep in mind as [...]

Health Care in 2017: What to Expect

2016 was a year of uncertainty for many Human Resources and Financial leaders as they continued to adapt to evolving trends in health care and compliance. Moreover, there were significant shifts in how employers approached their overall benefit delivery and management strategies. Below are areas where our clients saw the most change, and where we [...]

Dependent Verification Review Project – Who Does It Protect?

Dependent eligibility reviews are often thought of as a way to reduce employer cost for health care plans, but there are other reasons to engage in such a process. These reasons include, for example, the legal and financial issues employees may face from enrolling ineligible individuals on an employer group health care plan. You may [...]

ACA 2016 Changes: IRS Forms 1095-c & 1094-c

Although President-Elect Trump and his recent appointments are promising to “Repeal and Replace” the ACA, Obamacare is still intact as we enter the 2016 reporting season. The good news is that, similar to last year, the IRS has extended the deadline for distribution of the individual 1095-Cs to March 2, 2017 and has extended the same “Good Faith” relief as it did in 2016. However, it remains important to make sure you are on top of the updates that have taken place this year, as even the “Good Faith” still requires employer proof. The list below highlights the form 1095-C and 1094-C changes for 2016.


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