Benefits Enrollment Software & Services

Our complete benefits enrollment solutions empower employees to make smarter benefits decisions. We fit clients with a combination of enrollment technology and services to ensure that benefits are valued by employees and selections are in line with organizational strategy.  

Empowered Employees

Employees who are more confident in their decision-making are more likely to appreciate their benefits and the employers who provide them.

Successful Enrollments

Hodges-Mace creates custom communications and collaborative strategies to help clients meet their business goals.

Expert Benefit Management

Hodges-Mace’s collaborative design projects help deliver outstanding benefit delivery, management, and support results throughout the plan year.

Complete Benefits Enrollment Solutions

Hodges-Mace simplifies benefits for all stakeholders with a smarter approach to benefit delivery, management, and support through innovative technologies and trusted employee education and communication strategies.

Benefits Enrollment Software

SmartBen helps employees understand their benefits before making elections, resulting in more confident decisions and higher employee satisfaction.

Benefits Enrollment Services

Whether augmenting current processes or helping to reshape them, our goal is to deliver outstanding results throughout the benefit plan year.

Complete Benefits Enrollment Solutions

Hodges-Mace combines industry-leading technology with expert employee education and custom enrollment services to provide clients with a complete benefits experience.

Ongoing Support

All of our benefits enrollment products and services come with signature Hodges-Mace ongoing support. No matter what solution you choose, we are here to see you through.

SmartBen Essentials

SmartBen Essentials is an innovative, industry-leading solution for all aspects of benefit administration and management. The SmartBen Essentials platform allows employees to easily enroll and make changes to their benefit elections as a new hire, when a life event occurs, and during open enrollment.

SmartBen Pathfinder

Pathfinder offers advanced decision support that helps employees choose the best benefits package for themselves and their families. Through SmartBen Essentials, Pathfinder includes individualized employee census information and benefit information used to help employees make more informed decisions regarding their benefit package.

SmartBen Assist

A centralized solution for year-round benefits support services, SmartBen Assist acts as a seamless extension of our client’s benefits department. Through both telephone and email support, our dedicated and experienced customer service professionals ensure that all benefit plan and eligibility issues are consistently addressed quickly and expertly.

Custom Enrollment

Hodges-Mace offers custom enrollment services to meet your specific needs. Our Benefits Counselors are prepared with custom communications and consistent messaging, whether in a 1:1 enrollment or a group cafe-style setting. Enrollments can be conducted onsite or via our call center.

What You Can Expect

Custom Branded



Communications Branded to You

Hodges-Mace has an internal Communications team that prides themselves on providing designs that are tailored to each client’s branding and messaging needs. When employees receive your communications, it’s important to Hodges-Mace that those collateral pieces are an extension of your company’s look and feel.

Team of Experts

Our team is comprised of experts in graphic design, layout, writing, editing and fulfillment. They are also benefit professionals who understand the industry and cut through the jargon, so they can help you educate your employees in a way they understand.

Client-First Approach

We are committed to providing an excellent experience to our clients across all of our products and services.

Dedicated to Your Success

Our clients are our number one commitment. We take the time to understand the needs of each client and go above and beyond to help them reach their goals.

Your Data is Protected

Hodges-Mace protects company and employee data by using multiple levels of security protection. Our benefit enrollment technology platform includes application security, host security, encryption during transmission, and physical barriers to our server environment.

We Take Data Security Seriously

Both SmartBen’s technology and the data facilities in which it is housed have successfully completed third-party security examinations relating to security and data privacy. We also obtain independent third-party audit opinions related to security and data privacy on an annual basis.

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