Benefits Communication

Need a better way to reach your employees?

Hodges-Mace® offers a diverse variety of software, tools, and services to support a well-rounded benefits communications plan.

To drive successful enrollment, your organization needs a versatile and thoughtful benefits communication strategy that will educate employees and encourage adoption. No two employee demographics are identical, so effectively communicating their benefits requires a varied, personalized approach that delivers the right message to your unique audience. At Hodges-Mace, our experts work hard to understand your specific goals, objectives, and benefits, and then recommend the right methods (or combination of methods) to deliver tailored messaging and drive optimal results.

Engaging employees with hand-crafted communications and relevant education will help them feel more informed and satisfied with their decisions, leading to increased retention and a higher ROI on your benefits packages.

Benefits Communication Software & Tools

Communication & Enrollment Support

Start with SmartBen Essentials® to drive compelling, personalized benefits communications. House your benefits information and communications in a customized location that’s easy to navigate for both employees and administrators. Keep announcements and postings in one place, so no one ever misses an important communication. SmartBen Essentials  

Advanced Decision Support

Take the mystery out of benefits enrollment with advanced decision support. SmartBen Pathfinder® leverages demographic data, employee input, and a guided workflow to break down enrollment complexity and recommend benefits that your employees will understand and value. SmartBen Pathfinder

Educational Tools

Empower employees and drive your desired messaging with SmartBen Educator®. Educator leverages individualized employee and benefits information, so employees better understand their benefits through decision models that feature their actual data, including Total Compensation payments. Compelling, relatable examples also help administrators communicate important changes or bolster support for specific plans. SmartBen Educator  

Engagement Platform

Interact with your employees on a higher level using SmartBen® Avatar’s advanced artificial intelligence platform. “Ben” is the right fit for all employees, from the tech savvy to those who need more support and guidance. Meanwhile, system admins can carefully curate messaging by choosing when and where “Ben” is used to help guide employees, answer questions, and highlight important benefits communications. SmartBen Avatar  

Personalized App

Keep employees engaged and up-to-date with SmartBen NOW® — an integrated benefits experience available on both mobile and desktop. Easy access from any device means employers can send important benefits communications directly to NOW users, so messages are not lost in the daily clutter. By using a central portal for all benefits information and news, employees always know where they stand with their benefits and gain easy access to balances, RX costs, and even telemedicine services. SmartBen NOW  

Benefits Communication Services

Are you looking for a full communications campaign from pre- to post-enrollment – or even year round?

Custom Communications

Our benefits communication experts build campaigns that facilitate effective benefits education and delivery while leaving a positive impact on employee perception. With an experienced team of designers, writers and strategists, Hodges-Mace avoids templates in favor of electronic and printed deliverables that capture your brand and deliver a compelling message.

Custom Communications  

Are you looking for a new enrollment approach, but worry your employees might need additional attention assistance?

SmartBen Assist®

SmartBen Assist is an effective add-on service if you are concerned that your employees need supplementary guidance through new initiatives. This year-round call center offers ease-of-mind for all SmartBen Essentials users, employees who have questions that were not covered in other communications, or those who need technical and/or enrollment support.

Are you going through changes, have a diverse workforce, and want to relay consistent messaging across a lot of different areas?

Annual Enrollment

Do you need a more hands on, 1:1 approach? With an annual enrollment plan, the benefits counselors at Hodges-Mace use 1:1 education and enrollment sessions to deliver your preferred messaging while also boosting employee understanding and appreciation of benefits. This personalized, intimate communications strategy is also bolstered by written supplements such as timelines, reminders, FAQs, and a comprehensive benefits guide.

Not sure if you’re getting off on the right foot with new employees?

New Hire Services

Want to drive increased understanding and appreciation of benefits with new employees — and boost retention rates? Hodges-Mace knows how important a first impression can be for new employees. By providing a singular, streamlined enrollment source and personalized messaging from pre- to post-enrollment, a new hire program helps this employee group feel welcomed and appreciated. Admins can also feel confident that their preferred messaging and decision-support is delivered consistently to this vital group.

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Third Time’s The Charm For a Private, Non-Profit University

“The Hodges-Mace team has been by far the best implementation team we have worked with. The customer service has been phenomenal and the professional expertise is outstanding.”