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Benefits Delivery,
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Employee benefits administration is an important responsibility for every HR department. But organizing plans, educating employees, and communicating changes can take up tons of their valuable time. Hodges-Mace simplifies this process with benefits administration services and software that free up time for your HR department and employees, so they can focus on their most valuable work.

Benefits Administration Services

We aim to improve our clients’ overall benefits delivery by implementing positive changes to employee education, enrollment, and administrative processes. How do we do it?

Make a Lasting
Impression With High-Touch
Enrollment Support

Making a great first impression and maintaining it is important for employee satisfaction and retention. That’s why we’re here to kickstart the benefits onboarding process, improve benefits communication, and facilitate benefits education sessions through each annual enrollment period.

Our enrollment support team acts as a natural extension of your HR department, alleviating the pressures they face when trying to engage with employees during enrollment periods. We do the heavy lifting for you by developing and clearly communicating a plan that works best for your team, whether it be on our platform or within your existing systems. Related services include:

Shot of a group of businesswomen using a laptop during a meeting at work


Educate employees during open enrollment

New Hire

Make new hires feel like a part of the team from day one

Custom Benefits

Prepare employees and educate them through personalized messaging

Leverage Comprehensive
Benefits Management
Assistance All Year Round

Our benefits experts are here for you whenever you need them, allowing your team to free up internal resources while we handle transactional support, rules compliance, and process administration. We’re your trusted partner when it comes to process evolution and handling year-round benefits needs.

We’re not just here for you though – we’ve got your employees’ backs too! When your staff needs navigational or technical support, when they’re trying to confirm details about their benefits, ask general questions or if they need to complete benefits enrollment over the phone, we’re always ready to help. Related services include:

HR Support Pack

Handling administrative tasks that bog you down

SmartBen Assist®

Year-round assistance is only a call away

SmartBen NOW®

Personalized mobile app and benefits dashboard

Benefits Administration Software

As an employer, your time is valuable. The same is true for your HR team and other employees. That’s why we’ve simplified benefits administration in an easy-to-use software that will save time and reduce hassle.

Work Smarter With Benefits Administration Technology

The right benefits administration technology makes it easier to enroll employees in effective plans, communicate important benefits changes, and help employees feel engaged and educated about the real-life impact of their benefits. With the SmartBen Platform, we’re helping employers refine their approach to benefits administration and work smarter, not harder.

SmartBen Platform

Complete benefits administration and enrollment software

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Benefits Administration Enhancements

How Our Software and Services Help Clients

Optimize The Benefits Process

Get through enrollment more efficiently with benefits experts on your team. Spend less time worrying about healthcare and more time benefiting from it.

Cut Unnecessary Spending

Focus your resources where you actually need them. If you let a benefits partner handle enrollment for you, there’s no need for you to budget for additional staff or training.

Enjoy Greater Employee Satisfaction

Employees feel good about benefits when they understand their options. That’s why we offer custom communications, 1:1 counseling, personalized recommendations based on census data and more.

Feel Confident and Secure

Don’t make data security, record-keeping, and compliance more complex than it needs to be. We help automate rules and important communications while housing all of your compliance information in one platform.


“We are providing our associates with world-class decision-support services, and we’re doing it efficiently and economically. We just consolidated 100+ disparate orientation processes into one centralized effort, and we did it without disrupting our workflow.”

Vice President, Compensation and Benefits

“Hodges-Mace took the time to understand the depth of our organization, initiatives and challenges, and they presented ideas that were, at the same time, more creative and practical than what we heard from other vendors. They have a unique approach to integrating multiple processes and resources into one, easy-to-understand solution…we highly recommend them as a business partner to any Human Resources team looking to improve their delivery of employee benefits.”

Director of Health and Welfare Benefits

Why Partner with Hodges-Mace?

Employee benefits can be overwhelming and complicated. With Hodges-Mace at your side, you can feel confident that your employees understand their options, realize the full value of their benefits and feel happier and more empowered at work. We go to great lengths to deliver the most personalized experience possible to clients. Our benefits counselors spend days learning about and training on an organization’s benefit plans and strategies, and company culture. In the end, this means you enjoy greater employee satisfaction and rest assured that your benefits plan aligns with your overall business goals.

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