Benefits Administration Solutions: Software & Services

Learn more about what the all-in-one benefit solutions at Hodges-Mace® can do for you.

Benefits delivery, management,
and support throughout the plan year

Hodges-Mace automates the process of managing employee benefits and eligibility while maintaining compliance with ACA regulations and meeting individual client objectives. We aim to improve our clients’ overall benefits delivery by implementing positive changes to employee education, enrollment and administrative processes.

What can a complete benefits administration solution do for you?

Relieve stress on HR

Benefits work can fall heavily on some departments. A benefits partner means more satisfied employees and less strain on HR (that’s a win-win for them).

Keep up with the industry

Keeping up with industry changes is difficult to do. That’s why it helps to have a specialist (especially to answer tough questions about the ACA).

Manage benefits costs

Keep costs from getting out of control. Working with a benefits counselor can help you streamline processes and verify eligibility.

Benefits Administration Software & Services

Benefit delivery, management, and support should be an opportunity for employers to provide value to their employees, while encouraging ideas and behaviors that further the company’s overall business goals. Hodges-Mace helps clients do this with a combination of innovative technology and custom enrollment services that do more than just move employees through the benefit delivery and management process.

Optimize the benefits process

Get through enrollment more efficiently with benefits experts on your team. Spend less time worrying about healthcare and more time benefiting from it.

Cut unnecessary spending

Focus your resources where you actually need them. If you let a benefits partner handle enrollment for you, there’s no need for you to budget for additional staff or training.

Enjoy greater employee satisfaction

Employees feel good about benefits when they understand their options. That’s why we offer custom communications, 1:1 counseling, personalized recommendations based on census data and more.

Feel confident and secure

We’re experts in more than just benefits communication. We also simplify the complexity of data security, record-keeping, regulation and compliance for you. We automate rules and distribution of Notice of Coverage Options, and house all the compliance information you need in one platform.


Why partner with Hodges-Mace?

Employee benefits can be overwhelming and complicated. With Hodges-Mace at your side you can feel confident that your employees understand their options, realize the full value of their benefits and feel happier and more empowered at work.

We go to great lengths to deliver the most personalized experience possible to clients. Our benefits counselors spend days learning about and training on an organization’s benefit plans and strategies, and company culture. In the end, this means you enjoy greater employee satisfaction, and rest assured that your benefits plan aligns with your overall business goals.

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