Announcing New Avatars


By utilizing artificial intelligence as an engagement platform, Hodges-Mace has been able to provide clients with a personalized communication experience through our avatar, Ben. Employees have come to know Ben, and rely on Ben during enrollment to provide them with the information, direction, and assistance they may need in over 30 languages. While we love Ben, and he is technically our namesake, we continue to drive innovation in all our products and services. That’s why we’re introducing Ben’s new team. They are just as effective and knowledgeable as Ben, but just like the workforce, these new avatars provide diversity and a more relatable experience to users.

Meet Ben’s New Friends!

Now, clients can select which avatars are available to their employees, providing an even more personal experience. Employees will also be able to choose which avatar they have set to their default, controlling who speaks to them while they’re on the SmartBen Essentials system.

By having the option of different avatars, Hodges-Mace hopes to further our clients’ awesome user experiences. Welcome to a more personal, relatable and approachable communication about benefits, from Ben or one his friends.


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