Our Philosophy

Ultimately, our clients want more than to just move employees through the enrollment process. They want to make an impression, communicate the value of benefits, and engage their employees through education.

Large employers, along with their trusted brokers and consultants, expect strategic thinking from their enrollment and communication partners. They also want tactical processes and proven solutions that are based on the best practices of their peer group.

To help our clients improve their overall delivery of benefits by implementing positive changes to employee education, engagement and enrollment efforts.

Each member of our professional team fully understands the tenets of our service strategy:

  • Ask questions
  • Create meaningful projects with measurable goals
  • Understand the context of our work within the client’s overall strategy
  • Integrate with the client’s existing resources to maximize results and reduce costs
  • Establish long-term relationships with each and every client
  • Deliver value during each interaction – with employer, employee or broker

Through our exceptional service model, we can customize each client’s experience while focusing our team’s efforts on the overall desired outcomes: more efficient enrollment and administration processes and more engaging employee communication practices.

As a result of our work, employees will have a much better understanding of their benefits (both the content and value) – leading to improved buying-behavior and plan utilization, as well as a better appreciation for their benefits… and for the employer who provides them.

At Hodges-Mace, we are proud of our ability to listen, learn, and adapt to the unique and often changing needs of each customer. And working with fewer, larger clients than our competitors allows us to nurture long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.